It’s Wednesday, and I want….

A little mouse corkscrew.  He is about 2 inches tall, and cast of some sort of metal.  I don’t believe it’s pewter, but some other white metal.  Aluminum maybe?  No markings, but a cute corkscrew for a tail.  And super big ears, almost like Mickey Mouse!

This picture was taken of John Donoghue’s collection where I first saw the little guy.  I asked for a trade.  NO.  I offered him cash.  NO.  I even asked for it to be willed to me.  NO.  Errrr!

As luck would have it, one of these turned up at the 2010 CCCC AGM in Boston!  It was in the Live Auction part of the meeting.  2 collectors ended up in a bidding war over the little guy.  :o)

For one lucky collector, he got the mouse.  For one lucky seller, he got a wad of cash!

I’d like to ask a favor of my readers.  Anyone got one available for trade?  Know another collector that has one?  Maybe I could buy it from you?  Drop me a line at and we can make a deal.


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