A Cherub Corkscrew

I enjoy collecting a wide range of corkscrews.  Everything from antique to vintage and even some modern pieces.  I especially enjoy figural types like this one!

It’s a Cherub Corkscrew!  Although it’s not an Antique Cherub Corkscrew, this one is from the 1960’s, and still quite desirable amongst collectors.

It’s marked “1867-1962 75 Jahre JRG”.  I don’t have too much info on this piece, but I believe it to be a business gift of sorts for 75 years of business?  And to be of German decent.

It’s well made and quite heavy for it’s size.  The presentation stand is fitting for the piece.  You won’t have to be concerned breaking the worm while opening a bottle with this roll-over type corkscrew!

I don’t think it’s exactly “Best 6” material, but certainly a welcomed addition to the collection!

Cherub Corkscrew 1887-1962 75 Jahre JRG



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