Gone missing, but found…

So there was a 1800’s English Ivory corkscrew listed on eBay Sunday night.  Right off I knew it wasn’t English, but rather a Will & Finck corkscrew!  I had one earlier this year and sold it on the ICCAucitons.  These are pretty nice corkscrews and fine looking to boot.  I was planning a snipe attack.

Unfortunately, last night the auction was canceled by eBay.  Probably due to it being an ivory piece.

As luck would have it, the seller reached out to me this morning!  I quickly called him back, but he was on the other line with another caller.  ERRRRR!!  I knew that I just might have lost the corkscrew to another caller.  He called back a minute later only to tell me that he had already committed to selling the piece to a fellow collector in Arizona.  S#@*!

Congrats RL….


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