Another Socony-Vacuum :o)

Whoop!  Whoop!  Whoop!

A couple years ago, it was discovered that Syroco had made some of their corkscrews for promotional or advertising pieces.  Mind you that there are only a small hand full of known examples, but they are original!

Socony-Vacuum was an oil company that was created when Standard Oil Compnay of New York merged with Vacuum Oil way back in the early 1930’s.  They continued to thrive throughout the 1940’s and 1950’s and eventually changing their name to Socony-Mobil Oil and in the 1960’s becoming Mobil Oil Corporation.

These are quite rare with only 5 known examples.  Now 4 Old Codgers and one Monk in Jack Bandy’s collection (the monk is rumored to dress up Santa Claus during the holidays).  Each of them have the same advertising on the base saying “SOCONY-VACUUM”.

Anyone else got one of these?  Maybe a different Syroco Corkscrew with other advertising?  Drop me a line at

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