It’s just cool!

Several weeks ago this vintage retail display of corkscrews was listed on eBay.  Somewhere between work and my reality TV shows I missed out on the bidding.  :o(  But as luck would have it, the seller actually had TWO of these.  I wasn’t going to miss out again.  I placed an aggressive bid with high hopes of winning.  Yup, I won!  🙂

It’s a nice assortment of American corkscrews.  Mostly Haff and Clough pieces.  No markings on them though.  The cardboard backing says “ONE DOZEN ASSORTED CORK SCREWS  WARRANTED NICKEL PLATED AND TEMPERED STEEL  NO. **   L A.B.  N.Y.”  (bumble bee logo)

I really do enjoy any corkscrews that were meant for retail display like this or the over-sized display pieces.  Anyone got one for sale or trade?  Drop me a line at




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