It’s Wednesday and I want…

A YELLOW Gemelli Barmaid!

Carlo Gemelli was a granted a patent design for these aluminum double lever corkscrews.  These Italian corkscrews were produced in the 1950’s and 60’s.  They made several different figural designs including a clown, barman, and barmaid.

They each have a fun paint job.  Some in flat black and others in full color.  The condition of the paint is a huge part of their overall value.  Got one with the original box?  Probably best to keep that one!

These Gemelli corkscrews were quite popular at the time.  Being that you can usually find a couple listed on eBay at any given time, tells that many pieces were produced.

Some time early last year I was emailed a photo with an inquiry regarding the paint variation of the said piece.  I was floored!  It was a Barmaid with a yellow top!  Who knew such a variant even existed?!

Well if anyone out there has a double or is willing to part with their Gemelli Barmaid w/ Yellow paint, please hit me up at!


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