It’s Wednesday and I want…

A XXXL Ivory Tusk Corkscrew!

How cool is this?  It’s a full on super sized Ivory TUSK Corkscrew!

I can fully appreciate ivory that is re-purposed from it’s origin, but don’t condone any unethical ways of acquiring it.

That said, I really missed out on a treasure this week.  It was actually on our favorite auction site, but my bidding tactics did not prevail.  I was one of the first to see it, definitely the first to contact the buyer, and even offered a respectable BIN.  None the less, no luck.

I’ve only seen a few XXXL pieces in my 7 years of collecting.  I’m sure there are still a few more out there to be had.  But if anyone happens to have an extra, I would really love to entertain a trade!  Hit me up at anytime!

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