Try, try, and try again

It’s been a rough week here on the island for corkscrewing.  Haven’t had a single corkscrew come in all week!  My Post Lady Holly even made an inquiry about the collection and if I was still active.  Um….YES!!

Honestly, I’ve been watching, searching, refreshing, BIN-ing, sniping, clicking, and bidding like crazy.  I can’t even win a Flash these days…..  See:

Well I’m very happy to report that I actually WON a piece today!  It’s a Murphy stag handle piece.  This one has the bell with spike on it.  Not sure where the other bidders were on it, but I was the lucky winner today.  Yippee!

With my bad luck streak broken, I wonder if Peter will accept my offer of $1000 for that Thomason with a single bunch of grapes….



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