Portland update

Last night was longer than I had originally planned.  After watching the new episode of Jersey Shore, I began my nightly searches.  Well when 2:00am came around I started to have second thoughts about my departure time of 6:00am.  So I quickly put down 4 hour of sleep and then hit the road for Portland.

The Expo Center was filled with dealers as usual.  But seeing as everyone was only partially set up, I made sure to walk the show twice.  There are loads of antiques, but I really felt like there was an increasing number of vintage and retro items.  Probably due to some of the recent flood of antique reality TV shows like “American Pickers”, “Pawn Stars”, “Auction Kings”, “Oddities”, and “American Treasures”.

Anyways, I’ve got no corkscrews to report.  I came across a few, but no one want’s a Nifty for $10 or a Negbaur Parrot for $69.  I believe the nicest piece I found was a Williamson Bullet with Lemp Beer advertising.  But since the price tag was $100, it too was passed up.

Maybe Discovery Channel needs to make a reality show about us Corkscrew Collectors.  It could be called “Corkscrewing Around”.  They could feature some of us crazy guys who are scouring the globe for corkscrews!  Hell, we’re all characters of a different color!  And maybe, just MAYBE, these antique dealers will start to offer quality corkscrews in their booths….

I’m determined to come home with something this weekend.  So I’ve booked a room and staying the night.  Hopefully tomorrow will yield some sort of twisted luck.



One Response to Portland update

  1. Peter says:

    Unlucky Tommy 😦 Lets hope the stop over pays off for you.

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