It’s Wednesday and I want…

A simple wire pocket corkscrew with cigar tip perforator!

It certainly looks like a Clough type pocket corkscrew, but it’s not.

On June 2, 1908 Augustus W. Stephens was granted US Patent number 889556 for his Cigar-Tip Perforator.    This little invention has a “handle portion which enables it to be readily manipulated, and is at the same time adapted to serve as a storage receptacle for another article, such as a cork screw”.  Brilliant!

I dare say that not too many of these have surfaced, but there are a few of them out there.  You might want to double check your Clough collection to see if any of the wooden sheaths have a hollowed cavity with a spike.  And if you do find one, quickly email me at for a healthy offer!  Hope to hear from you soon!


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