It’s Wednesday and I want…

I want a WIDE BODY Syroco Indian!

Syroco Indians are pretty valuable, but actually turn up about 4-6 times a year on eBay.  Kinda nice that so many have survived over the years and usually in pretty good condition to boot.

There are 3 variations of the FULL Body Indian (yes, there is a head only version that exists also).  The most common will have Red and Green feathers.  Second most rare will have Red, Green, and Yellow feathers.  And the most rare, maybe one of a kind, is a wide bodied Indian.  Check out the picture below where you can clearly see the difference in size.  He has Green and Yellow feathers and Creme colored clothing.

This piece currently resides in a private collection in Virgina, but hopefully will be shipped to a West Coast island called Bainbridge.  hint! hint!

Has anyone else seen or own a wide body version?  Want to have a first born named after you?  Drop me a line at!


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