It’s Wednesday and I want

I want a Baker patent!

I know it’s marked James Heeley and it does look like Heeley’s Patent 6006 but trust me, this is a Baker Patent.

William Burton Baker is credited with the first double lever English patent No. 2,950 way back on July, 17th 1880.  It features two double levers that actually when pulled down, the levers PUSH against the large circle collar affixed to the bottom of the top handle.  This is an amazing design conception!

J. Heeley & Sons was a manufacturer of corkscrews and other various items.  So often these English double lever types are just called Heeley Double Levers, and they are, but they aren’t.

Now Neville Heeley, aka “J. Heeley & Sons”, did in fact improve upon the Baker patent.  He affixed the levers directly a sliding collar ring and to pivoting fulcrum bars that attach to the frame.  THIS is the more common English patent No. 6006 granted on April 23, 1888.  Not what I’m going after here.

Below is a fine example of a nickel plated Baker Patent.  Simply beautiful.

I’m not sure what I can offer in trade, but I’m sure I’ve got a thing or two that will delight the palette.  Drop me a line at!



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