Modern Replicas….

Collecting corkscrews is a passion that we all share together.  We all get excited when we find hidden gems in the bottom of a box.  Who doesn’t love to open packages from the modern day Santa Claus (the postal worker)?  And whom among us doesn’t just scream with joy when you score a good BIN?  It’s not about money, but the thrill of the hunt.

There’s a big difference between Replicas and Fakes.  Replicas are produced with modern design and appreciation towards the original piece and most importantly there is full disclosure that is is a Replica, reproduction, or modern design.  Some are worth big bucks, some are very collectible, and some are even created for and by our Corkscrew Collecting Clubs!  Here are a few that I own and I enjoy them very much.


3 Responses to Modern Replicas….

  1. Peter Borrett says:

    Well said Tommy! We’ve all been caught by these modern day highwaymen. Buyer beware, beware, beware!

  2. gavin says:

    Bazmeg needs a slap too! (just read his feedback)

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