A small favor…

Ahoy fellow Corkscrew Collector,

I have a friend who has recently suffered the sudden and tragic loss of her son (27 yrs old).  The family has embraced the “Eagle” as a symbolic icon for him.  She’s been gathering many different sorts to Eagle items and would like to add a quality corkscrew to the collection in memory of her son.

I’m hoping to locate a carved tusk or stag horn in the shape of an Eagles head for the family.  I believe I’ve seen a Walker piece of this design, but I could be mistaken.  On the other hand, they did SO MANY different carvings, I’m sure there’s got to be an eagle out there somewhere.

Over the past few days I have reached out to several collectors with hopes of finding a nice piece for the family.  A few collectors have offered up some eagle corkscrews, but not exactly what I’m looking for.

If anyone has a carved eagle corkscrew, please drop me a line at syrocokid@gmail.com.  Just to clarify, this is for the family and there is a fair budget available for the purchase.  Thanks in advance!

This Silver Eagle’s head corkscrew is a bit beyond the family’s budget and a piece that’s NFS from a fellow collector.  BUT if you’ve got one of these, I’d personally be interested!  Hit me up at syrocokid@gmail.com!

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