Unis miss….


Last week this unusual wall mount corkscrew was listed on our favorite auction site.  Seeing the corkscrew with a bell was quite intriguing.  I definitely wanted to have it in the collection.

I pulled out Fred’s book and was able to identify it as a 1929 American patent by Frank A. Topping.  Sweet!  Now all I had to do was win the bid.

Over the years I have grown to love placing bids with a sniper bidding service.  It’s easy to do, it’s cheap, you don’t have to be online all night waiting for a listing to end, and quite a reliable service.  Very best of all, it takes emotional bidding out of the equation.  The only catch is that YOU have to set it at least 6 minutes before the listing ends.  That didn’t happen this evening.

I was clicking through my bookmarks, scouring various auction sites, and checking the watch list for most of the day.  As the Unis listing grew closer to an end, I noticed that bids were starting to come in.  It was over $70, whereas it was around $15 this morning.  Emotion quickly kicked in.

6 min $95 – outbid

5 min $104 – Outbid

5 min $114 – Outbid

5 min $120 – Outbid

2 min $135 – Outbid

20 sec $145 – Outbid

Snipe, snipe, snipe, snipe!  Hat’s off to JM with a winning bid of $284.99!  Yup, I was the 5th under bidder on this one.  Maybe next time…


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