Seen it somewhere before….

Got it!  The 2009 Update!

On any given day, my watch list is usually around 180 or so.  I know, a little crazy, but I love to have auctions on file to reference.  Well, I had this odd multi-tool thingy on watch.  It was an 8 in 1 kitchen gadget that had a corkscrew.  It wasn’t from Hungry or Buenos Aires, so I had a hunch that it was legit, but I could not exactly recall seeing one before either.  I kept an eye on it and figured I would throw a few bucks at it on the last day.  Sure enough, I forgot to place a snipe.  Not that it really mattered, as it shot up to $338.00!

And kudos to the winning bidder as they outbid Fotodeal too!

Anyway.  I just found the piece in O’Leary’s 2009 Update!  It’s a Pretorius 8 in 1 Opener (PATENT APPLIED FOR is printed on the box per the update caption).

Definitely one to keep an eye out for!


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