No questions asked….

So a little while back I received a phone call inquiring about a Lady Legs Corkscrew.  I called the collector back and gave him my best knowledge about the legs.  But there was one thing that stumped me.  He said that there was only one rivet in the leg and one in the boot.  Weird.  I asked him to send a photo so I could properly assess the oddity.  Here is the photo he sent:

Sure enough, there it was.  A single rivet in the lower calf, and a rivet in the boot, AND a super rare Wavy stripe pattern!  Being truly stumped about the rivets, I asked a fellow collector for help in identifying the oddity.  Confirmation was immediately sent back with a reference in the Peters & Giulian Pocket Corkscrew Book on p.169 fig. 1098.  Sweet!

I quickly called the seller to seal the deal.  He graciously accepted my offer, pending a sibling’s approval.  I anxiously awaited payment arrangements for the rest of the day.

After a long day of waiting (and work), I proceeded to flip through my corkscrew searches, only to find that the legs had been listed on our favorite auction site!  Rat!  Hopefully the 24 hour listing will allow for it to slip through undetected.  NOT.  They sold for about twice my offer.

But the story continues….

3 days after the auction ended, I received a phone call asking if I was still interested in the legs.  ?????  Scam?  Did someone forget to pay up?  And he still wants to accept my original offer?  I must be dreaming!  Anyway, I proceeded with caution and sent a payment.  No questions asked.

Well, yesterday, in a single layer of bubble wrap padded envelope, these little babies arrived on the island!  Whew!  While they worth double the price paid, they don’t qualify me for Peter’s BIN contest, but I’m not complaining.  🙂  I’m quite happy with the super rare oddity!  Trade anyone?


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