Still no BIN’s…

Peter’s annual BIN Contest has really generated some excitement in recent weeks.  It’s quite fun to see such FANTASTIC buys still turn up week to week.  Dutch Silver piece, Figural Devil,  Rodgers 1926 Camel…  What’s next?!  Anyone that is bent on not being able to find any good deals on corkscrews has only themselves to blame.  Just hit the refresh button!

I have not been lucky enough to get on the score board yet, but I’m still trying.  Especially since I’ve got a 25000/1 odds of taking the trophy!

But I’m happy to report a BEST OFFER was accepted on a rather rare German bow thingy.  It was originally listed with a hefty BIN, but also had a Binners favorite option of “Or Best Offer”.  I submitted an offer and lucky for me it was accepted!  The piece is marked D.R.G.M and should be quite desirable to our friends in Germany.

Since I’m not able to attend the CCCC AGM in Germany this year, I decided to ship this off to Josef, and he will bring this piece back to it’s homeland.  Kinda funny how it’s traveling back to Germany next week, as I purchased it from a Seller in Germany Last week!  Ha!



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