No bar for the Bar Screw

Corkscrews come in all shapes and sizes.  They even open much more than wine.  Beer, Perfumes, Medicines, Tonics, Liquors, etc…  With so many different needs, there had to be many different designs.  🙂

Well, for those establishments where HIGH volumes of liquors and wines were being consumed by happy patrons, you can only imagine how tired the bartenders arm would get twisting, pushing, and pulling on each bottle of booze!  Hence the invention of the Bar Screw!

Now I don’t own a bar, nor do I have one in the house.  But since I am simply addicted to collecting these screwy things, I just couldn’t help myself a picture of this arrived in my inbox!

It’s a 1894-95 Quick and Easy bar mount corkscrew!  Edwin Walker has a couple patents on this piece due to a few additional design improvements.

This is a sweet piece that’s in great condition!  Super heavy duty and built to last!  Can you imagine how many bottles this corkscrew has opened in the last 116 years?!

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