Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2011


How’s this for a costume!

Lunawerk Kirby Corkscrew?

October 30, 2011

This is a very uncommon and hard to find figural corkscrew that sold on our favorite auction site today.  It’s a figural pocket corkscrew of a man, described in the listing as KIRBY, that was produced by Lunawerk of Germany.  Some more familiar corkscrews produced by Lunawerk are their Golf club corkscrew and the hockey stick.

I’ve only seen 2 others of this Gentleman figural go to sale, $200 ish if my memory serves me right.  Well this one had an opening bid of $750!  And lucky for the seller there was actually a second bidder pushing it up to a whopping $760!!  I cannot believe it!  You just never know what a bidder is going to bid!

One last thing I’d like to clarify, is that Kirby is often referenced with any prohibition era character similar to that of the Old Snifter Corkscrew.  Kirby is actually Rollin Kirby who was a political cartoonist at the time in which prohibition went into effect.  Kirby created a character named “Mr. Dry” and is often thought to be Senator Volstead who lead the Prohibition Act into law.

The ICCAuctions have opened!

October 29, 2011

Wahoooooo!!  The ICCAuctions have opened!!

I’m SUPER excited as this only happens twice a year!  I’ll be scouring through the listings for the next few weeks non-stop!  The current number of corkscrew listings is 845.  A bit higher than their normal limit of 700 ish.  Just more to choose from.  🙂

There are several corkscrews I’d like to add to the collection, but which ones?  Heck, there are several pieces that I’ve never even seen before!  I’m not sure what I’ll be bidding on just yet, but it’s going to be a blast figuring it out!

Click here to link to the ICCAuctions website!

1924 J. H. & S. LD Picnic Corkscrew

October 17, 2011

James Heeley & Son’s is quite the brand name in our little corkscrew collecting world.  Double levers, concertina types, Thomason mechanicals, direct pulls and in case you didn’t know already…Picnic corkscrews!

Yup!  Marked on the top of the opener “J.H. & S. LD” and on the reverse “REG NO 702970”.  It’s been on the Want List for a few years now, and I was fortunate to finally add it to the collection!

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I’m no expert in Heeley Picnic corkscrews, but I am curious if they produced any other picnic or pocket types.  Drop me a line at syrocokid@gmail.com if you’ve got a picture to share or a piece to buy!

3 – Pack deal :)

October 15, 2011

As much as I LOVE clicking through our favorite auction site every day, and often 2-3 times per, searching for hidden gems, I quite often see many of the same pieces week after week and month to month.  Yes, at any given time there are about 15-30 pieces that I would like to have in the collection, but I also know that there are some aggressive bidders going after the same stuff.

I find it almost therapeutic, to take time “offline” and just flip through my corkscrew books.  It is just simply AMAZING to be reminded of how many corkscrews have been produced!  I always discover new pieces that get me excited and often times I’ve never seen before!  Maybe there’s only 1 known example that was loaned to the author for the publication or book, but it’s thrilling to see and know it exists!

So, the other day I discovered (or maybe re-discovered) John Sommer’s 1914 Patent.  See O’Leary pg 128.  It’s a design patent that added a corkscrew to what would otherwise be a common metal stamped bottle opener.

It’s a patented corkscrew piece, kinda cool looking, and a metal bottle opener….  If anyone was going to have this piece, it would have to be “Tipped Worm” Johnny!

Yup.  He did.  :o)

After a few emails and a few more inquires a deal was made.  It never hurts to ask about other pieces, as you never know what’s “Available for Sale”.  Lucky for me there was a Gottfried Krueger Corkscrew and a 1938 Ruby Patent mechanical pencil.  Wahooo!

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Thanks Johnny!  I owe you a few beers!

Ready, Willing, and Able…

October 12, 2011

So I’m minding my own business, flipping through searches, and occasionally asking for BIN’s, when I receive a friendly email…

“I’m interested in selling the attached collection.  Please let me know if you have any interest.”  Um…YES!

These are quite exciting emails to receive as you just never know what you’re going to see or what the seller wants.  I was quick to open that attached file to find a 31 page PDF of corkscrews!   SCORE!!

The file was filled with pictures of corkscrews.  No Sterling Dutch pieces or odd French Mechanicals, but a more simple collection of pieces.  Here is a sampling of ones I’d be interesting in:

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Fingers crossed we can make a deal!

Somethings not quite right….

October 6, 2011

How many corkscrews or pictures of corkscrews have you seen in your many years of collecting?  10,000?  50,000?  100,000?  Ok, my brain is starting to hurt…  Regardless of how many it is, we have all seen A LOT!

So when scrolling through our favorite auction site, you can pretty much pick out those corkscrews that are from Argentina or Hungry.  Right?

On the other hand, you sometimes need to take a closer look.  It could be a bad picture of a 3 Pillar Twigg.  Maybe it’s a very dirty Silver plated ornate Thomason.  Even the most experienced and trained eye can overlook a diamond in the rough.

Well this aint no diamond, but worth a good laugh!

Which Best 6?

October 2, 2011

I cannot believe we are in October already!  In just a few short months, corkscrew collectors around the world will be announcing their “Best 6” corkscrews of the year.  I’ve got several prized pieces that have been acquired throughout the year.  Some have been on the want list for years and some I didn’t even know existed!

With 3 months left to hunt, the Portland Antique Expo in October, AND the ICCAuctions.com in November, anything could end up in the final Best 6 of 2011!

But for now I’d like to take a quick poll and see what you think are my Best 6 so far.

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