Which Best 6?

I cannot believe we are in October already!  In just a few short months, corkscrew collectors around the world will be announcing their “Best 6” corkscrews of the year.  I’ve got several prized pieces that have been acquired throughout the year.  Some have been on the want list for years and some I didn’t even know existed!

With 3 months left to hunt, the Portland Antique Expo in October, AND the ICCAuctions.com in November, anything could end up in the final Best 6 of 2011!

But for now I’d like to take a quick poll and see what you think are my Best 6 so far.

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One Response to Which Best 6?

  1. Thomason Variant
    DRGS Spring
    Williamson/Clough double helix with blade
    Kupper Bier
    Napier Rooster
    Lund’s roundlet

    But, I hope over the coming months you a few that makes the decision even harder.

    Great post!!!

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