1924 J. H. & S. LD Picnic Corkscrew

James Heeley & Son’s is quite the brand name in our little corkscrew collecting world.  Double levers, concertina types, Thomason mechanicals, direct pulls and in case you didn’t know already…Picnic corkscrews!

Yup!  Marked on the top of the opener “J.H. & S. LD” and on the reverse “REG NO 702970”.  It’s been on the Want List for a few years now, and I was fortunate to finally add it to the collection!

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I’m no expert in Heeley Picnic corkscrews, but I am curious if they produced any other picnic or pocket types.  Drop me a line at syrocokid@gmail.com if you’ve got a picture to share or a piece to buy!


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