Lunawerk Kirby Corkscrew?

This is a very uncommon and hard to find figural corkscrew that sold on our favorite auction site today.  It’s a figural pocket corkscrew of a man, described in the listing as KIRBY, that was produced by Lunawerk of Germany.  Some more familiar corkscrews produced by Lunawerk are their Golf club corkscrew and the hockey stick.

I’ve only seen 2 others of this Gentleman figural go to sale, $200 ish if my memory serves me right.  Well this one had an opening bid of $750!  And lucky for the seller there was actually a second bidder pushing it up to a whopping $760!!  I cannot believe it!  You just never know what a bidder is going to bid!

One last thing I’d like to clarify, is that Kirby is often referenced with any prohibition era character similar to that of the Old Snifter Corkscrew.  Kirby is actually Rollin Kirby who was a political cartoonist at the time in which prohibition went into effect.  Kirby created a character named “Mr. Dry” and is often thought to be Senator Volstead who lead the Prohibition Act into law.

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