Ahhhhhh….. Jopson!

As years end closes in, I’ve been scrambling to finalize what my Best 6 of 2011 will be.  I’m glad I haven’t settled yet!

I recently received a phone call from a collector saying that he had recently acquired a second Jopson Patent and read a previous blog entry about it being on my Want List.  I couldn’t believe it!  2 Jopson’s?  And one was available for trade?

After several emails, photos, and additional phone calls, we struck a deal that was good for both.  🙂

The Jopson arrived via Next Day Air and I couldn’t be happier!  This piece was patented in 1899 for it’s unique Sliding Collar.  This allows the user to “Lock” the folding tool into an open position and creating a rigid connection between the tool and wood be handle.  Lucky for us he used a corkscrew!

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Lucky for me, it’s now in the collection and serious candidate for my Best 6!


One Response to Ahhhhhh….. Jopson!

  1. Awesome Corkscrew!!!! And, definitely one for the best 6–that is, unless you want to trade it : )

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