Presents en route…

The past couple weeks have been a blur!  Shopping, working, listings, working, shipping, working, shopping, and more working!  As much as I love the holidays, I’m really looking forward to this week being over and starting 2012!  🙂

Although many presents were opened yesterday morning, I’m patiently awaiting for two more to arrive.  First off is an invaluable resource for corkscrew addicts.  SCReWbase and Corkscrew Collector 8 software should arrive any day now!  I’m super excited to get these programs and expand my knowledge base of corkscrews.

The second present isn’t technically a present, but seeing as it was snatched up on Christmas morning, I’m calling it a present from the Corkscrew Gods to me via an eBay BIN.  🙂

A lovely and quite rare piece.  It’s a German pocket folding piece, much like that of the lady legs style.  Obviously no striped stockings here, but solid green celluloid scales.  I did not ever recall seeing one like it before, but actually I had.  Last week Karl-Heinz Humpert of Germany had the very piece in his Best 6 of 2011.

Maybe we should extend 2011 for a few more weeks….

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