Best 6 for 2011

Tommy Campnell – Best 6 for 2011


  1. A Variant type of Sir Edward Thomason’s 1802 Patent.  An extra handle is added to the hollow extraction shaft.  The badge is marked “RODGERS SHEFFIELD” (see Bull 1999 p.159).
  2. 1899 George W. Jopson folding corkscrew with locking sleeve.   Patent number 636,531 on November 7, 1899.  Marked “PAT NOV. 7-99” (see O’Leary 1996 p. 101).
  3. 1894 Wilhelm Von zur Gathen folding corkscrew with bell.  German registered design number 35,042 on December 12, 1894.  Marked “KUPPER BIER” (see 2006 Peters / Giulian p. 110).
  4. John King of Oakland, Maine combination corkscrew.  Marked “ATWOOD COMBINATION SIX PAT. APL’D FOR MADE IN U.S.A.” (patent unknown).
  5. Napier figural folding corkscrew.  Napier Silver Company, Meriden, Connecticut, founded in 1922.  This one is unmarked.  (see 2006 Peters / Giulian p. 110).
  6. 1892 Clough Medicine Dial corkscrew.  Acquired from the Frank Ellis collection.  (see MacLean / Nugent 2004 p. 72)

One Response to Best 6 for 2011

  1. Marc says:

    it is the very best choice! Happy New Corkscrews ‘Year

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