Well…not exactly….

The other day a photo was emailed to me containing a rather unusual Clough Corkscrew.  I know there are dozens of variations, but this one was definitely one I’ve never seen before.  It was a direct pull corkscrew with a finger hole in the shank?  Maybe some of you other seasoned collectors have seen this before or better yet have a couple in your collection, but I’ve got neither!  So cool!!

So a couple days later I was cruising our favorite auction site and something caught my eye.  It was a direct pull with a single wire finger loop!!  Even better it had a BIN already set for me to snap up!  I could barely look twice I was so excited!  Click!  Click!  Pay Now.  Click!  Yes!  Score!!

After securing my goods via PayPal, I went back for a closer inspection of my latest and greatest.  Turns out that it might not exactly be what I thought it was….  Shoulda’ saved that $22.50 for a Flash….


One Response to Well…not exactly….

  1. gavin says:

    lol, bad luck T.

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