Brass Bulldog Opener

Ever since I’ve started collecting corkscrews, I have enjoyed collecting Figural types.  Syroco corkscrews are still my very favorite type of Figurals to collect.

Last week I spotted a unusual Brass Figural bottle opener that looked quite familiar.  It was strikingly similar to the Syroco Bulldog.  I placed a moderate snipe bid and hoped for the best.  Lucky me!

The Brass Bulldog bottle opener is the same Figural Bulldog that was produced by Syroco.  Score!

These metal molds were used in the manufacturing process.  All Syroco items started out as hand carvings from wood, then impressions of the carvings were set in sand.  From they were able to cast metal molds of the carvings and use these molds in the production process to create the wood composite resin pieces.

This was not something made by Syroco, but rather a piece put together by a Syroco factory worker.  I’m quite fine with that as I really enjoy Syroco “go-with” type items.

Many other Syroco Figural molds have turned up over the years.  German Shephards, the Waiter, Bulldogs, and even the Indian!  I’d love to add a few more of these molds to the collection.  If you’ve got one, drop me a line at  Corkscrews available to trade!

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