CCCC AGM in Dearborn, Michigan

I cannot believe it’s here!  The 2012 CCCC AGM this weekend and my first ICCA AGM is next week!!

Thank you to Marty and Barry Taylor for hosting this years CCCC AGM!

Last night’s reception was very nice.  It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces of collectors I met in Boston just 2 years ago.  AND there are a few collectors that I’m meeting for the first time!  Well, I’ve known most for years via eBay, the ICCAuctions, CCCC, and the blog…

It’s 6 am I believe I’ve only gotten 4 hours sleep…  Why you ask?  Um…  The corkscrew “Buy and Sell” is just 90 minutes away!!  Fingers crossed that I sell more than I buy, but if it goes the other way, I’m sure I’ll be quite happy!  🙂

If you’re here in Michigan, I’ll see you soon!  If not, well…You should be here!  Gonna miss out!!

Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club 2012 AGM Michigan


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