Summer? What Summer?

For those whom don’t know, I’ve been quite busy this summer…  Not that it’s any excuse for my poor corkscrew updates, but here’s a real quick overview….

I’ve taken up a new job at Mariano’s Fresh Market in Chicago.  Yes, Chicago baby!!  I’m back!!  After 4.5 years on an island in the middle of Puget Sound, I’ve found my way off the rock and made the trip across country, back to Chicago where I belong.  I’m very excited for the new beginnings!

There is also a Go-With in the works…  We have know each other since high school and have recently reconnected.  She is quite fond of antiques in general as both her mother and grandmother are antique dealers, and has taken a liking to corkscrews.  Things are going well between us, so don’t be surprised if corkscrews start disappearing in the Midwest as I’ve just added 3 pickers to my team!



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