E-Z Cork Puller + Prototype?

I must say that I’m LOVING being back home in the Midwest!  I feel like I’ve got so much ground to cover, being that I’m no longer surrounded by water!  Ha!  I’ve been out hunting a few times and the Corkscrew Gods are definitely shining down on me!

Check these out.  First is a E-Z Cork Puller Pat Pending.  One of these recently sold on our favorite auction site for $1100!  No, I wasn’t the high bidder either.  The E-Z was acquired along with it’s predecessor pictured below.  Faintly marked Trova MFG CO St. Louis Pat Pend.  Both have cast aluminum frames and handles.  The shank and corkscrew on both are made of steel.  An amazing find for one, but both together?  Unbelievable!

E-Z Puller Pat Pend E-Z Puller Pat Pend E-Z Puller Pat Pend E-Z Puller Pat Pend

These are both solid contenders for my Best 6.  Hmmm….  What other fine pieces have I got laying around…

Oh!  Has anyone else seen or have one of these?  Drop me a line at syrocokid@gmail.com


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