Good buys this week!

I’m just going to put it out there…  It’s a great time to buy corkscrews!  Yeah, I’ve sold 2 pairs of Ladies Legs in the last week, both for under $350.  Strange huh?  No big deal though.  Despite the soft sales, I’ve had some pretty good buys lately.

Here’s an unusual muli-tool that I picked up for $40.  I’ve never seen one with what looks to be a wrench of sorts…?Uniquemulitool

Next on the buy list was a nice Heart shaped folding bow.  I thought a good deal at $30.  Agreed?Heartbow

Best BIN of the week?  A 7 piece Stag and Sterling John Hasselbring boxed set for $50!  Smokin’ deal!!  I just love these boxed sets!7pcJHset

More?  Oh yes.  Arguably the most desirable of the lot.   A German Celluloid Alligator for $635!  I had one in perfect condition 4 years ago and traded it away.  I’ve been searching for a worthy replacement ever since.  And from the photos, he looks to be in EXCELLENT condition.  Happy happy joy joy!GermanAlligator

Last but not least…  A Williamson Flash type pocket corkscrew in it’s original packaging was listed on our favorite auction site last week.  I’ve never seen this before.  As you may or may not know, I am addicted to these Flash corkscrews.  More specifically ones with the little photo on them that were sold as US tourist souvenirs.  Well, I wasn’t about to let this one head to the museum in Romania…!  I set an aggressive snipe and hoped for the best.  $99.95 Score!!


Collectors from all over are starting to send out their Best 6 of 2012.  In these final days of the year I will definitely be scrambling to pick 6.  SO many corkscrews and so little time…  Let the fun begin!


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