A last minuite entry!!

I know the Best 6 for 2012 are due, but it ain’t over till the ball drops in NYC!

A few weeks ago an odd looking folding bow corkscrew was listed on our favorite auction site.  A flurry of emails sparked regarding this rarity being listed as it doesn’t surface often.  It’s an 1884 Barnes folding bow corkscrew!  Well, the listing ended well short of the set term.  But a follow up listing, with out photo, and with a BIN was listed by the same seller.  Hmmm….  Although I wasn’t the lucky buyer of the BIN, but I am lucky to end up with a very hard to find corkscrew!

It is an amazing bow.  The wire helix is an extension of the same wire shank.  This wire is hardened around the pin, which rotates.  Now the wire shank is also formed with separation, so as to allow the shank to lock onto the stems of the bow handle.   And the round worm helix is cyphered on the first turn so as to allow it to cut into the cork and create ease for the rest of the helix to follow.  Ingenious.!  Barnes folding Bow corkscrew IMG_0102

And those little hooks….?  Apparently an additional opener for milk bottles!


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