Best 6 of 2012

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1.  An American rack and pinion type.  The frame and handles are made of cast aluminum., while the shaft is steel.  Marked “Trova MFG Co St. Louis Mo Pat Pend”.  Currently working on further research of Trova MFG Co.


2.  1926 Robert McLean Patent.  These “combination tool” pieces have been found in Sterling Silver and Gold.  Sadly mine is neither, but this one still turns heads because in addition to the standard corkscrew, opener, and key are two additional implements!  A second key blank and a nail file!  (see O’Leary 1996, p.140 and


3.  “E-Z Cork Puller Pat Pending”.  Obviously of the same maker as my #1.  Cast aluminum frame, steel shaft, but side handle is also steel.  Currently working on further research of Trova MFG Co.


4.  1884 American Patent Joshua Barnes folding bow.  Marked on the bow “PAT. MAY. 27.84”.  Interesting design incorporates the folding back of the bow ends to form hooks to be utilized as wire breakers or milk cap openers.   (see O’Leary 1996, p.67)



5.  An excellent example of a German celluloid Alligator.  Marked on the neckstand “Germany” and “PAT. APPL. FOR”.  I had one of these a few years ago that was traded away.  I’m very glad to have acquired this nice example for my permanent collection.


6.  Green Celluloid Scales folding pocket corkscrew.  The handles appear to be made of a Aluminum or Pewter type metal.  The Scales are attached with a single rivet.  Also note worthy is that the metal just might have some very light decorative texture.  Similar to that of the Satar Legs.  They are fully marked “D.R.G.M 14886” and “Germany”.  (see Peter’s Pocket 2006, p.165)


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  1. Another great best 6 TC!

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