JFO Day 2 & 3

Day 2 was quite short at the actual JFO Convention.  We (me and Josef) had arrangements made to go and visit another corkscrew collectors home and collection and spend the night!  The day started out with a 3 hour drive to Decatur, TN.  🙂  Yes!  We traveled to John and Martha Morris’ home!!  I’ve never been there, but for those that don’t know, John has a strong obsession for American Patent Corkscrews.  His collection is just a bit above AMAZING.

We spent the afternoon, exchanging corkscrew stories, viewing the collection, and held a little show and tell.  Truth be told, no matter who’s collection you are viewing, you are sure to find a piece that you’ve never seen before.  Well, John had more than a few pieces I’ve never seen before!  The evening continued with a fabulous dinner by Martha.  A perfect host that deserves a toast!

“Cheers Martha!  Thanks for a fabulous dinner!”

The following morning we enjoyed a John Morris specialty breakfast.  French Toast and Bacon!  Yummy!  We all ate our fill and then retreated back to the corkscrew room.  Josef and I both had a couple pieces that were trade worthy and John had plenty of stuff on our Want Lists.  Let the trading begin!

I had an extra Syroco Tramp with me, and as luck would have it, John didn’t have one in his Syroco Collection.  Seeing that trade negoations between me and Josef can take hours to days to months, I wanted my first trade with John to be less painful.  Within a few minutes we agreed on trade pieces and the deal was done.  Yippee!!  I got a Hoegger wall mount, 5 flashes, a German Sailboat, and a German Mouse.


A special Thank You to John and Martha Morris for putting us up for the night!  We both really enjoyed the company, hospitality, and corkscrews!!  Hope to do it again sometime!!

Shortly thereafter, Josef and I were back on the road.  We stopped a few antique malls, but no luck.  Fingers crossed that we can scour up a few more corkscrews back at the Convention!

More soon!

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