A few en route…

At the ICCA AGM this past October Paul Luchsinger was kind enough to show me a very special Syroco item.  It was a full figure cast aluminum mold of the Syroco Waiter!  How cool is that?!  Although not for sale at the time, it was one of the lots this past weekend on the ICCAuctions!  And since it was not technically a corkscrew, but just a corkscrew “go with” type item, I ended up being the lucky buyer!  Yippee!!

Syroco Waiter Corkscrew Mold

Syroco Waiter Corkscrew Mold

Also the other night I was fortunate enough to snap up a BIN on a rather unusual corkscrew.  It was a German Perpetual, but had the makers markings of “Will & Finck S. F. Cal” at the top of the frame.  A curious pairing to say the least.  I contacted a collector in California who knows much more about Will & Finck than I do, with hopes he could offer some additional information.  A response was received the next day saying:

“They sold a lot of German and English corkscrews, mostly low end pieces after the turn of the century. It all started AFTER THE RAILROAD WENT OUT WEST AND San Francisco was flooded with cheaper mass producer items from the east.”

How very interesting…  Until now, I’ve only seen T-handle direct pull type corkscrews from Will & Finck.  Some wood handles, but mostly Ivory types.  Has anyone else seen or have a Will & Finck marked corkscrew that is not a T-handle direct pull type?  I’d love to see some other corkscrews!

Will & Finck S. F. Cal corkscrew Will & Finck S. F. Cal corkscrew

Speaking of German corkscrews, this unusual Folding Bow / Key type corkscrew was listed on our favorite German auction site yesterday.  I vaguely remember seeing other examples of this piece before, but never owned one.  Bow’s and Keys are not really my thing, but I’m sure someone out there would like to have it in their collection.  Trade anyone?  Email photos to syroocokid@gmail.com

German Folding Bow Key Corkscrew


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  1. Love the waiter! Awesome addition!

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