Brimfield 2013 – Day 1

It was an early start this morning, but really fantastic to get out in the fields!  It’s been a few years since my last visit to Brimfield.  Glad to be here!  It’s quite amazing to see SO MANY Antique Dealers set up in one location.  If’ you’ve never been to Brimfield, you really should add it to your vacation list…

Me and Josef like the “tag-team” approach when hunting together.  We sort of stay in proximity of each other that way if one chooses not to buy, the other can have a chance.  Or if you need a second opinion, or cash fast, the other can easily help out.  It’s not a bad approach, but we still loose each other quite easily as we blaze through the isles.

Anyways.  On to the corkscrews!

There are a handful of dealers that are known to carry corkscrews in their booths.  If you know who they are and where they usually set up, you might have a chance to find something good.  We hit up the “can opener guy” first.  He had a few levers, a knife with Clough in handle, French roundlet, a few nice t-handles, etc..  But all were just slightly pricey.  “Clear!”

The hunt continued for the next several hours until the next field opens at 11am.  I picked up a Clough and a Flash for $5 each.  Glad I’m not blowing through the cash, but I wouldn’t mind spending it on a few decent corkscrews either!  Gotta keep looking!

Well, booth after booth, and isle after isle, we kept up a brisk pace.  I picked up a nice T-handle for $10 and managed the Flynut piece for $15.  I must say that I like Josef’s negotiation tactics.  “Any price the Dealer asks, just blurt out the price back at them with slight disbelief..”  You never if they might quickly drop the price for you…  It didn’t work for the Flynut, but I was still ok with the price.  🙂

At 1 pm was the opening of the 3rd and final field of the day.  We finally found Barry in line and were quite interested to see what we missed out on.  Sure enough, Barry picked up a full bodied Syroco Scotty dog corkscrew and a French Perille clam shell pocket type.  Good for Barry!

The last field did in fact have some decent corkscrews.  There was a PERFECT condition French Geha corkscrew.  $495 was just a bit too much, so we left it behind.  Also saw a Thomason with a Cope & Cutter badge, a Carved Deer Head Williamson, and a modern Giant display corkscrew.  Sadly all left in the fields.  I’m starting to second guess Josef’s negotiation tactic…  It’s not really producing the results I thought it would…  No corkscrews to report here, but at least I found an Anri Ballerina for cheap!

Corkscrews from Brimfield

I’m glad to have found stuff and really happy to be here this week.  Fingers crossed tomorrow will have better finds.


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