Brimfield May 2013 – Day 2

It was an early start again at 5am when we started out.  We had 3 new fields opening today.  All with a fair amount of new dealers with fresh loot to sort out.  Although a bit tired from a late night at the Longhorn Steakhouse with the boys, I was on full alert for corkscrews!

The first field opened at 6am.  Within the first 20 minutes I had found my first corkscrew worthy of buying!  And a good piece at that!  A $25 American Mumford patented prong puller!  Whahooooo!  This day was starting off great!!


There were definitely other corkscrews at this field, but grossly overpriced.  Don’t these dealers know that their corkscrews will surely be passed up by serious collectors that actually KNOW what the market price is?  Wouldn’t you rather sell a piece for $350, make some money and move on rather than sitting on a piece for 1-2-3+ years with hopes to get an extra $100-150?  Go figure…

Anyways, the next score of the day came in the form of a Flash, which was Free!  Love it when corkscrews are Free!  I finally got to meet a collector whom I have sold a few items to on ebay years ago.  Funny thing is, that this guy is the son of the collector in which Josef had just visited 3 months ago!  Who knew?!  Small world I’m telling you!  We had a nice meet and went our separate ways when the next field opened.  Although there were corkscrews out there, I managed to come up empty handed.  Kudos to Josef for snagging a fancy Sterling Roundlet adorned with Fleur de Lys emblems all over.  Cool!

While waiting for the next field to open, I decided to retrace my steps over to a dealer whom had several pocket Cloughs that were in good condition.  Hopefully he was in a better mood and willing to make a deal as we couldn’t agree yesterday.  Most of the really nice ones were gone, but there were a few with advertising still on them.  I picked up the lot and made a reasonable offer which was accepted.  A few more bits that will end up on eBay soon!  🙂

The last and final field of the day is a little odd.  The dealers have their booths totally closed up and covered until the bell rings at noon.  Seeing as we had about an hour to spare, me and Josef decided to stroll through and see if we could get a peek through the tents.  There was only one dealer that really had anything worth looking at, but again those high price tags…  With the exception of a single $5 pocket Clough, this field was a bust too.

Here’s today’s hull:


We’ve got reservations for tonight at the Student Prince restaurant!  I doubt there will be any corkscrews acquired tonight, but eating in the Corkscrew Room where they have a collection of corkscrews displayed on the wall will surely be the talk of the night!


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