Brimfield 2013 – Day 3

(Rewind to last week)

Last night we had dinner at the Student Prince.  Me, Josef and Barry got seated in the Corkscrew Room where there is a brilliant corkscrew collection on display.  We spent the evening exchanging corkscrew stories late into the night.  Always a good time when hanging out with these chaps!


Our final day at Brimfield was Thursday.  That is when a field called Mays opens.  The dealers cannot start setting up or placing their stuff on display until the patrons are let in at 9:00am.  Chaos is the word that comes to mind…

I actually managed to find a few good bits at Mays!  A good Kisply type, an English diamond shank direct pull and a Rock Island Brewing Walker.  Quite happy with these!  Oh, and a brass rabbit figural came from a dealer who said he has other corkscrews, but not with him.  REALLY?!  Fingers crossed he will call when he finds them…


Brimfield is a fantastic show that if you’ve never been, I’d challenge you to go.  At times it does seem like an endless journey, wandering through booth after booth, but there are goods to be had.  You cannot expect to score big every year, but I’m sure you’ll find a few corkscrews to satisfy the crave!

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