Vinohaven and corkscrew trading…

While me and Josef did meet up just days ago in Syracuse, the big news is that I am now visiting him and Sue on Vinalhaven for the week!  We’ve already hit up about 5 antique malls, as they are quite abundant in Maine, but no corkscrews yet to be had.  No worries though as I know where Josef’s stash is and definitely planning to score a few there.

As luck would have it, on Tuesday’s Ferry boat ride to the island I did happen to score a 18th Century Double Folding pocket corkscrew.  LUCKY!!  Josef had also seen the same piece, but while he was deep in conversation with a local islander, a BIN was uploaded the the said piece, and SCORE!!

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 12.21.46 PM

We’ve all enjoyed present company and really enjoyed Chef Boyardee’ Josef’s cooking!  It’s great to be with friends and love this peaceful island life!  A true vacation!  Now back to the corkscrews!

Trade negotiations started up early Wednesday morning.  Seeing that Josef’s entire collection was in front of me I could hardly focus on what pieces I really wanted, as there were SO MANY GOODIES!  It was a fun game of upping the aunty on each other.  I add 2, Josef adds 3!?  I take away 1, Josef adds 1!?  I swap out 2, Josef adds 1!?  How is this fair?!

After a while we finally settled on a trade.  Can you guess who got what?


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