Time to make a decision…almost…

As we are nearing the end of the year, I know that decisions must be made at to which 6 corkscrews will make it into my Best 6 of 2013.  As I’m digging through drawers, boxes, and under the bed I keep finding corkscrews that are very worthy of being in the Best 6.  I want to hold tradition and only submit pieces that were acquired during 2013, but I’m seriously struggling to narrow down the choices.

What were truly great finds?  The Reese was discovered at an antique shop for $8.00!  The Large Bell Walker was snapped up via a Buy It Now for $7.99!

I absolutely LOVE Syroco and the Golden Knight has been on the “Corkscrew Want List” for nearly 10 years!  Finally got one!

The article on Wall Mount type corkscrews by John Morris really sparked my interest and curiosity.  The Hoegger, Topping, De Bracht, and the Pat. Pend are 4 super rare corkscrews!  (only a few more wall mounts to acquire for a complete set!)

Tiny corkscrews are just cool!  Medicine cup, spiked disc Clough, advertising hang tag Clough, Chippendale patent, etc…

We’ve still got a whole month to go and while I try to narrow it down, I’m hoping that a few more candidates will be acquired!

Syroco Golden Knight Corkscrew Syrocokid Corkscrew Vintage Corkscrews Syrocokid Large Bell Walker Corkscrew Hoegger Patent Corkscrew Trova MFG. Co. Corkscrew




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