Antique Corkscrews – Mid to Small sized

I love all antique corkscrews!  Patents, variations, figurals, mechanicals, or whatever I’m into it!  Recently I’ve taken a small liking to “small sized” corkscrews.  Now these aren’t Tiny or Mini corkscrews, but I’d consider them Small to Medium sized.  I doubt they were produced for children, but probably for Salesman samples or small sized bottles with corks that the Clough Finger Pull could not really pull.

When trading with Josef, I usually toss in a few extra corkscrews in addition to main pieces being traded.  I call these extras “Icing”, as in “Icing on the cake”.  And I like icing!  In our most recent trade, the icing included a few Small Corkscrews and one Medium (but I think it still falls into the Small).

This smaller Walker corkscrew is fantastic!  Although it is technically a Medium, I’ve never seen a smaller Williamson Bell version, so for article sake we’ll call it Small.  🙂  I got the round worm version from Josef.  The bladed version was discovered in a box of corkscrews destine for! Check out the size difference!

Here are a few other nice turned wood handle examples of Small Corkscrews.  One is marked GERMANY on the shaft and the can opener is THE BROWNE LINE FROM KINGSTON.  Again, got a few of these from Josef!  Thanks J!

Have you got any Small Antique Corkscrews?  Anyone have a Small Mechanical one?  I’d love to see some other variations!  Drop me a line at

2 Responses to Antique Corkscrews – Mid to Small sized

  1. Did you trade for these, or did you simply rifle through the “small corkscrew” drawer while you were visiting? : )

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