Not just any can opener corkscrew…

Antique Corkscrews on the BUY NOW Site are up for sale on a first come, first grab basis.  Can opener corkscrews aren’t exactly the most popular category of collectible corkscrews, but every once in a while a can opener will pop up that is slightly different…  It just so happens that last week I stumbled upon a lot of 3 can openers that caught my eye.

Antique Can Opener Corkscrews

The first is a Vaughans piece.  Made in Chicago and probably production in the 100k range.  I’ve already tossed this piece into my recycling bin…  The 3rd piece is a small salesman sample.  I just got another example of this mini opener from Josef which is marked “The Browne Line From Kingston”.  This rusty little guy is not marked, but still a nice piece that will not be recycled.

Now lets examine the 2nd piece in the group.  It’s got a cast iron handle with an attached can opener blade and a pivoting corkscrew.  Unfortunately, there are no markings on the piece.  But maybe that’s a good thing.  🙂

Unknown Can Opener Corkscrew.1 Unknown Can Opener Corkscrew.2

I scoured O’Leary’s book for a pictured example and did not find one.  Then I went though all of the patent drawings, and again came up empty.  I’ve sent off the photos to a few other collectors to see if this piece and more importantly the Patent can be identified.  We’ll see what responses come back.  Fingers crossed!  🙂

Of course if anyone else has one or can help identify this can opener, please drop me a line at


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