Small, Large, and now EXTRA LARGE!

Syroco Scotty Dog Corkscrews are pretty hard to come by.  Add the different variations of 2 different size dogs, 3 different colors, bottle opener “go-with”, corkscrew in chest, and corkscrew with bell assist…  Collecting them all is not easy.

Well, lets take it to a whole new level!  The Extra Large size Syroco Scotty Dog Corkscrew!!


Yup!  It’s Super Sized!

I first came across this XL Syroco Scotty figurine about 7 months ago.  Found the figurine without corkscrew in a New York antique mall.  Being that I’ve been collecting everything Syroco Corkscrew related for the last several years, I had to buy it.  A few months later I was on another antique road trip in New York and had the chance to meet with a fellow collector whom I’d known for years, but never had the chance to meet.  As we were exchanging stories, he mentioned that he had an unusually large Syroco Scotty Dog Corkscrew.  Hmmm….very interesting….

Well, very recently a deal was struck for the said piece and it arrived yesterday!  I’m overjoyed to add this new discovery to my Syroco Corkscrew Collection!

Has anyone else seen this piece?  Anyone else got on in their collection?  Maybe in a different color?  PLEASE send me a photo at!  More than a fair offer would be made to buy!  🙂


One Response to Small, Large, and now EXTRA LARGE!

  1. Woof!!!

    Congrats Tommy!!! A fantastic Syroco corkscrew!!!

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