The Super Bowl of Corkscrews

At least that’s what it felt like for me…

About 3 weeks ago I put in a request for the day off work so I could be home for the Collections Sale that was ending on that Sunday.  As the day got closer, friends started in inquire about my plans for the big day.  Super Bowl Party?  Watching the game downtown at the ESPN Zone?  Quick trip to Bainbridge Island so I could celebrate with my friends?

Nope!  I’ve got corkscrew auctions!  Duh!  (Although I was very happy to see the Seahawks win!  Go Hawks!)

My Super Bowl was when the Schlitz Beer Corkscrew came to auction.  “Tipped Worm” Johnny figured it’d was worth about $200, so I figured about $250 to win?  Check it out:

Schlitz Corkscrew

It’s a Schlitz Beer Corkscrew with a Henshall type button.  Definitely American, and probably low desirability with English collectors of marked Henshall types.  TWJ has one, but with a plain wood handle.  This variant has spherical ends.  Pretty cool and definitely uncommon.  #WANT!

As I positioned myself for the battle to come, who should pop up on the bidder list?  None other than Fotodeal.  *sigh..  I Within seconds, my reasonable bid to win strategy was out the window.  I began to bid with full intent and no limits.  $700, $800, $900……$1325….

Was I crazy?  Had I lost total control?

Maybe, but Fotodeal kept going.

$1425 was the final bid.

What a battle.  One for the record books, that’s for sure!  Even though I missed out on the corkscrew, I did my very best.

Anyone out there got one of these Schlitz Corkscrews?  Drop me a line at


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