Finally! A Corkscrew Trade with RL

Several months ago, while visiting Josef, I was able to acquire a most unique piece.  It was a 1899 Sterling Silver Converse Patent Prong Cork Puller.  It certainly was a very cool piece but wasn’t exactly on my Want List, but given the deal made at the time, I couldn’t resist.  Honestly, I cannot resist any corkscrew if the price is right!


Knowing that Robert would enjoy this piece for his collection, I thought it would only be fitting to offer it to him first.  Given the rarity of the Converse, I was hoping to acquire an equally desirable piece, in trade, for my collection as well.

One aspect to trading that I absolutely love is that you can trade a piece, which hopefully you paid very little for, and acquire a substantially more desirable piece, without paying more!   Usually a Win Win trade for both collectors.

I’ve got LOADS of stuff in my “for sale” boxes, and really wanted to trade for a collection piece.  I send photos upon photos and unfortunately me and Robert share similar tastes for our personal collections.  We couldn’t agree on a 1 for 1 trade.  So, I had to settle for the bulk option.  Usually a few pieces that I know I can sell and I’m not attached to.  A little more work on my part, but usually worth it in the end.  Not exactly what I initially wanted to do, but I’m happy with the trade.

Here is the completed deal:

Robert got a Sterling Silver Converse patent and some “Icing on the cake” (Barman)


Tommy got a English 2 Pillar w/ broken handle, Syroco German Shepherd w/ Waiter body, Marvel multi-tool, and a Syroco Tramp Opener (ugly finish)



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