Newer Additions to the corkscrew collection

I’ve acquired some fantastic corkscrews in recent weeks.  Many keepers and many that are worthy of being in the Best Six of 2014!  But we’re only 3 months into the year!  Definitely going to be a good year for corkscrews!!

First up is a Negbaur Figural Corkscrew.  Not exactly sure if he’s a Dog, Camel, or Scared Cat, but I do know he’s (or she) is VERY COOL!  This piece has been on my Want List since I started collecting 10 years ago!  FINALLY got one!  Acquired on Collectors Sale this past January.

Marked on the base:  NEGBAUR PAT PEND 220


Everyone knows the OLD SNIFTER Corkscrew, but have you seen the Solid Brass Variant on the Pedestal?  How bout a German Copy of the Old Snifter?  Well here’s the pair together!  The brass example is not marked, but clearly a cross between the Turning Head Snifter w/ umbrella and the most common stand alone.

How do I know the other example is German?  Well, a) The detail is slightly less defined (a common tell amongst copied pieces), b) The OLD SNIFTER marking on the base is on the wrong side, and c) It’s stamped GERMANY on the bottom!  Very cool!!

Old Snifter Corkscrews

Now to present my kickers…!  🙂

An unusual can opener.  It’s a 1950 American Patent by Nalmmura, a Japanese National!  Originally filed in 1947 and finally granted a patent 3 years later!  Marked OLYMPIC.

Next is an Aluminum Double Action corkscrew.  Made by O’Brian MFG Co. Chicago.  Unfortunately this one is not marked, but still very glad to have it.

The tiny T is derived from the KORKMASTER.  No markings on this piece either, but the aluminum shaped bell and handle are clearly of the same maker.  Another piece that’s been on the Want List for many years….

And finally we have the 1894 Puddefoot corkscrew.  This particular variant is often referred to as “the boat” because of it’s concave boat shaped handle.  Marked THE DETROIT PAT’D JULY 10’84.

Antique Corkscrews

A very impressive 7 corkscrews if I do say so myself!


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