A week off and JFO

I am off work this week and doing some serious corkscrewing and meeting up with Josef!  Yippee!!  There will be lots of antiquing (hopefully finding corkscrews as well), Buying & Selling at the JFO Convention in Chapel Hill, NC. (probably more buying than selling), and a few viewings are scheduled of some corkscrew collections (again hopefully more buying!).

Monday and Tuesday were both travel / antiquing days for me.  I’ve got my care in the shop this week, so I’m racking up the miles on the rental car!  The JFO is in Chapel Hill, NC. and we’re going to 2 collector’s homes in Virgina, so Thank You Enterprise Rent-a-Car!  🙂

If you’re reading this now, you obviously know that Monday and Tuesday are history.  I hit a fair amount of antique malls along the way and picked up one good piece.  It’s an Anri Bar Set w/ dancing ballerina.  It’s a little rough as the ballerina doesn’t dance, but considering it was 20% off and a set that I’ve never seen before, I’m quite happy.


Me and Josef meet up last night and enjoyed brick oven pizza at Brixx restaurant.  Good pizza and great company!  We’ve got a full week planned and it’s just starting!

Today’s agenda:  JFO Buy and Sell!

Stay tuned…


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