Day 1 Report of the JFO

The day started around 9am in the common room.  John Stanley had already brought in a TON of boxes to pick through.  Mind you most of them are openers, but some are corkscrews…  Within minutes I started to rummage through the cases, boxes, and bags of stuff hoping to find some hidden treasures…

My first deal with John was for 8 Williamson Roundlets.  $100.  Mind you they are all Anheuser Busch, but with time they will do well.

Next I found myself deep in the Brass Opener box.  No corkscrews to be had here, but found several Negbaur pieces.  Some Angry Dogs, a Parrot, and even a Standing Pig!  Cool!

I could go on and on about all the small deals, knick kknacks and freebies (yes, bags of corkscrews for FREE) but I will fast forward to the good stuff…

Me and TWJ struck a trade deal for which I got a Crosby Pup and a very nice Faceted Peg & Worm Corkscrew and he got a McLean Patent Corkscrew and a Beer Wall Mount opener.


Amidst other deals with collectors came a few Flash Corkscrews that I didn’t have, some Free Corkscrew Books, and 4 more Busch Roundlets!  Anyone need one of these roundlets?!

Then came the big one…  One of the guys wheeled in a cart of boxes that John had been waiting several months for.  And there were to be a few good corkscrews inside…  We instantly swarmed around the table where John was going through goodies.  And goodies there were…

After some brief and quick.  Here are the few that I managed to score!

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 6.57.37 AM

Overall it was a very exciting day and plenty of pieces for everyone!  I definitely think I did well and will be listing many pieces on the Auction, BUYNOW, and ebay in coming weeks.  Here’s a group photo of everything I got today:


Today we will be driving out to Paul Luchsinger’s home for a meet and greet.  Hopefully hit a few Antique Malls along the way and then back to the common room for more buying!

Will keep you all posted, so stay tuned!



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