Day 2 – JFO Report

Yesterday was a day to remember!  Josef and I had the opportunity to visit Paul Luchsinger’s home in Williamsburg, VA.  I know it’s not exactly close to Chapel Hill, but it’s certainly closer than driving from Chicago.  And who could pass up a private showing of a corkscrew collection?!

Upon arrival we were escorted to the “Screw Room” where the collection was displayed.  We were presented with drawer after drawer of all types of corkscrews.  Some I had, some I’d never seen before, and several I wanted.  Isn’t that how every viewing goes?  We did inquire about a few pieces to see if they were available, but unfortunately today was about showing and not selling.  You don’t know if you don’t ask right?

After the show and tell, we stayed around for a simple lunch together.  We continued to share stories and enjoyed each others company.  But it was after lunch when things got exciting….

We headed back to the “Screw Room” to revisit some of the pieces we had expressed interest in.  Now, not everything was going to be made available, but we were invited to make a few offers.  I had my eye on several pieces, but knowing that I might only have one or two chances, I had to choose wisely.  Let’s just say that the corkscrew gods were on my side.  Here are the two pieces I was able make a deal on:


First up is a Barnes Bow with cuff.  The bow is marked with the patent date and the cuff is marked Pat Apld For.  Second is a bakelite leg.  The very same piece Josef picked up a couple weeks ago!

Although these were my only tow acquisitions of the day, I’m beyond excited to add these two to the collection!

Bring on Day 3!!


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